The video captures the dynamic, youthful spirit and vibrant colors of OSAD. Playful and unique poses, combined with the product, deliver incredibly fresh experiences alongside the brand.


Accompanying OSAD on its journey of pursuing love is the assistance of Dr. Derma, from the initial challenging moments to confidence and radiance. 

The video identifies skin-damaging factors based on real-life experiences of men in harsh weather conditions, emphasizing water and cold air as the main causes of skin damage. Consequently, the Cerave product emerges as a simple, effective solution to alleviate men's skincare concerns. In this way, the story revolves not only around the pursuit of passion but also the importance of skincare and overcoming natural challenges.



The sketchboard needs to specify the posing details and convey the essence of the content for OSAD and the doctor to easily visualize and convey during the photoshoot. Additionally, it should also emphasize the exaggeration of the harmful factors surrounding water and harsh weather conditions such as drought, sunlight, wind, and rain.​​​​​​​


The dominant blue color palette of the brand combined with real imagery photoshoot and graphic elements helps make the video more relatable and appealing to viewers. Typography also contributes to creating a unique visual space, reflecting the emotions of the song and highlighting important parts of the lyrics. 


Motion graphics combined with 3D elements and continuous photo sequences create a cohesive visual experience, providing motion graphic effects for each frame. Ensuring smooth transitions between frames while maintaining the dynamic feel of stop motion is essential.


To achieve stunning and unique motion effects, our production and design team captured and processed over 500 photos of OSAD and Dr. Derma.

:   Click Media
Director Animation:    Fat Huynh
Producer:    Thao Tran
Account:    Hong Nhien
Visual team:    Minh Thư |Tâm Đức | Khánh Linh | Ngọc Trâm (Ty Heo) |
                        Nhi Phan | Quynh Tran | Trinh Anh
Motion team:    Quoc Duong | Le Minh | Trinh Trinh
                         Minh Khoi  | Thong Vong | Minh Tu | Phuoc Tran (FL)
Photographer:   Kitsu
Photo Gaffer:    Quang Võ
Photo Assistant:    Kevin Lc, Huy Phú

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